The Desert World We Live In

Our struggle to find our way in a chaotic world

The world we live in is a chaotic landscape. In our everyday lives, we encounter fragmented experiences that are in constant flux like dessert sand slipping through our fingers. From our basic perceptions and introspection, we struggle to understand who we are, where we are, and why we are.

We look around in our world and we construct categories, and like empty buckets, we fill them with these experiences, as if somehow doing so provides answers to those maddening questions. We create religions, politics, sexual orientation, and conceptual boundaries that define who we are, break each other down, and then rebuild.

Rather than discovering our ultimate purpose in life, we design an artificial existence where text replaces conversation, and news feeds discussion and discovery.

Making sense of it all is a result of our human tendency to organize and find meaning in our existence.

Lost in the world, we wander about with no sense of direction, with front and back and left and right all the same as if traversing a desert. Without water, nor guide, we try to push forward but eventually wither away. This desert is the world we live in, and it can swallow you whole!

digital.Survivalist ❤️ write. 🇹🇩 minimalist. philosophy. life. born in the 80s. surviving the digital world through ✌️🤟🏽

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