Your post blames the victim and fails to capture the imbalance in power. Sure I can put my phone away, delete my Facebook account, etc… none of that changes the basic business model that allows social media tech giants to continue in manipulation.

When companies invest millions of dollars in behavioral psychology research departments you cannot with a straight face say that they are not interested in changing your behaviors. And yes, marketers and advertisers for hears have invested in methods that aim to change consumer behavior. The difference now os that vast scale at which this is occurring and the various obvious effects. Zuckerberg can argue all he wants that he is connecting the world, but nearly all social media users know and understand the fallacies in that argument.

The issue here is that tech, like many industries, are driven by profits at all costs, but in this case tech insists that self-regulation is the solution. Frankly, given the lack of tech understanding congress has demonstrated, I have little hope they are going to be the ones to solve this.

digital.Survivalist ❤️ write. 🇹🇩 minimalist. philosophy. life. born in the 80s. surviving the digital world through ✌️🤟🏽

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